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Bulimia Hypnotherapy

Using a Special Form of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy, you can:

  • Get help for bulimia
  • Stop Overeating
  • Stop Binging
  • Stop Vomiting
  • End Bulimia Nervosa
  • Eat More Normally
  • Feel more relaxed and normal around food
  • Still stay slim and healthy

… usually within a few hours of treatment

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy CAN Help You with Bulimia, Binging and Vomiting


* Hello Andrew, the news is good! I have not had any problems with eating since our meeting, and that’s a revolution for me.

Thank you so much for helping me out… the desire to make myself sick is non-existent now – the thought doesn’t even cross my mind.

This is very bizarre for me seeing as it has been a daily torture for 2 years. So, all in all, everything is going very well and I am definitely so much happier.

Thanks so, so, so much for spending time with me. I will be back in touch if I need an extra boost. Have a good day. Vicki.


Vicki, who is in her early twenties and from London, was a little sceptical to say the least but responded beautifully. This message was sent about a week after our first (and only) session.


* I had been fighting a battle with Bulimia for the past 10 years and I was losing this fight. I had spent the day surfing the net in pure desperation, looking for any other avenues of treatment that I may have missed and I came across Andrew Parr’s website. He changed my life…

Since being hypnotised I have been free from bulimia. Words cannot describe what it feels like to be set free. If you are ready to let go of your eating disorder then I strongly recommend you give this a try.

Andrew is kind, gentle and extremely professional – I had many reservations about hypnotherapy before I came to see him but I can assure you all these pre-conceptions really aren’t true… Andrew is a miracle worker. [Alex, 33, Media Consultant, London.]


When Alex contacted me she looked exhausted – vomiting up to 15 times a day. Although we had a few sessions overall, she stopped vomiting after the first session.


* Hi ya, I wanted to write this email to let you know that everything is going well. I have not been sick and it has been 8 weeks now!! I am very happy and wanted to say a VERY BIG THANKS TO YOU!!” [Simone, 21, London]


When Simone came to see me she too was desperate, tired and trapped in a vicious cycle, vomiting around 5 times a day. We did four sessions in all and she stopped vomiting after the second session.)


* Hi Andrew, loads has happened since I saw you last but the one thing that has been ok is all the food issues. I really can’t thank you enough and whatever I say I won’t be able to put it into words.

You have really made a difference to my whole life though – thank you just doesn’t seem to quite cover it! I even went out to dinner with some girl friends last week and ordered a pudding … and also felt ok about it the next day!!

Sounds ridiculous I know but that is a major achievement for me. Anyway, I don’t actually feel I need to come back for another session which is brilliant. I got very upset about […something personal…] the other day and overate on a couple of days, but then just thought ‘why did I do that’ and carried on as normal afterwards.

It wasn’t what I would consider a binge either – I just don’t feel like that anymore – I was just being a bit greedy but like any other normal person I could see it as that. I don’t quite know how I would have been though if I hadn’t seen you and this had happened – normally emotional things would just set me off on a massive binge but I have proved to myself that it doesn’t have to be that way and I actually respect myself a lot more for it. :o)

Thank you so much for everything. [Julie, 28, Government Officer, Hants]


When Julie came to see me she looked pale, tired and worn out. We did about 4 sessions overall, spread over a couple of months, and she responded well after the first or second session. The urges then began to reduce and I received the above message about 6 weeks after our last session.


If you’re a bulimia sufferer yourself looking at this website to see what help is available, you’ve probably reached the point these girls were at as well – possibly even a long time ago. The good news is there is a great deal you can do and hypnotherapy & hypnosis can genuinely help you overcome your bulimic behaviour, often with just a few hours of treatment.


You will then begin to feel more relaxed and in control around food, let go of the guilt or shame you probably experience and generally feel normal once again.


If you are like most of the people I’ve treated in the past, your behaviour probably started some time ago at a rather ‘difficult’ period in your life. The bulimia helped you feel better for a while, more in control and gave you an inner sense of strength and secret security. But with time it has probably taken over you, so that you now feel it controls you.


Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy is ideal for sorting out your Bulimia because it gets to the very root of the problem and resolves it with ease. Once you know the REAL reason why you do what you do, the answer is obvious and that’s what the special form of hypnosis and hypnotherapy helps you understand.


Over the years I’ve helped many, many people in this way and you too can join them. No more binging, no more vomiting, no more guilt, no more shame, no more secrecy, no more ‘this is the last time’, and no more feeling bad inside. You’ll have more time, more energy and more peace of mind as your self-esteem will increase and your confidence flourish.


Whatever you may have read or heard, this does not have to take a long time and using hypnosis and hypnotherapy your bulimia can be resolved with relative ease.

Here are some of the most common questions I get asked:


“Please could you tell me a little more about what you do to help someone with Bulimia Nervosa?”


What I do is use a special form of hypnosis and hypnotherapy to help you get to the unconscious reasons of why you do what you do – and then help you bring about a resolution at that level.


This is NOT ‘forcing’ the bulimia away by hypnosis – this is actually bringing about a genuine release from your problem by dealing with the true cause. It then naturally begins to dissolve.

“How long you would expect the Bulimia Treatment Therapy to take? i.e. How many sessions with you and how are they spread out?”


This is always difficult to say. Although many people find they receive a benefit after just one or two sessions I don’t like to make idle promises so I prefer to say allow for about 4 sessions give or take a few. This is not a long, drawn-out therapy. We aim to help you resolve your problem as quickly as possible, but just taking care that we do it properly.


The first two sessions would ideally be about week or so apart, and after that it depends on your situation and how you respond. Typically, follow-ups may be one, two or three weeks apart but it really does depend upon your situation and we can be very flexible.

“What can I expect to happen both during the Bulimia Treatment Therapy and afterwards?”


The most likely thing you can expect both during and afterwards is a gentle letting go of your problem. For example someone who binges/purges 3 or 4 times a day may drop down to once a day and then maybe just a few times in a week, and then just the urge but not following through, followed eventually by the urge disappearing completely.


However, sometimes this does all happen in one go – sometimes after just the first or second session, though I don’t like to promise that because it depends on a few factors.

“What are the fees and how soon can I start the (hypnotherapy) Bulimia Treatment Therapy?”


Full details of fees can be found by clicking HERE. Sometimes we’re booked up weeks in advance, sometimes we have spaces available right now. If you are keen to get going and want to check current availability, please do call our private receptionist on 0844 375 5916 and she’ll explain everything to you.


“What’s the next step?”


If you’re seriously interested in putting an end to your bulimia and getting your eating disorder back under control, please get in touch using the details below. If you have any further, specific questions I’ll do my best to answer them, but if you’d like to go ahead and get started we just need to arrange a time to begin that.


What I normally suggest is to book one or two sessions first of all. This ensures that you will not have to wait too long for a follow-up after you first appointment, and also gives you an opportunity to ensure you are happy with the treatment I am providing, before making any further commitment.


I’ve worked full-time as a hypnotherapist for over 17 years now and so have plenty of genuine experience in this area. So far, everyone who has stuck with it has managed to stop. I understand how much suffering you already go through, so I promise that your sessions with me will be judgement-free and I will do my best to make the process as comfortable as possible for you.


Thanks for exploring this website & until we meet…


Best wishes,

Andrew Parr DHP GHR(Reg) GHSC

Founder – Professional Hypnotherapy London Assistance for Bulimia Nervosa using Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy


For further information or to discuss your needs in more detail, the best way is to EMAIL me, London hypnotherapist, Andrew Parr direct on:


If you’d like to check availability or book your first appointment please do call my private receptionist today on


0844 375 5916


We look forward to hearing from you.


 * Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person


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