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SkypeNosis – Online Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Via Skype

With improvements in Internet speed you can now experience a full hypnotherapy or hypnosis session using SKYPE or FACETIME, wherever you are in the world, and these work just as successfully as being in the clinic.


SKYPE is a free programme that allows me to talk to you, via your computer. FACETIME is similar, for Apple products.


One-to-one Private  SKYPE/FACETIME sessions are arranged directly with me, at a mutually convenient time, which may be day-time, evenings or even some weekends.


To discuss arranging your SKYPE/FACETIME sessions please contact me directly


I will then contact you within 24 hrs to arrange the time.

Any questions, please just ask.


Best wishes,
Andrew Parr


If you have a personal, emotional, or habitual problem, there's a good chance I have already helped someone like you...& I am happy to help you too.