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Sports Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Fast, Powerful & Effective Sports Performance Enhancement for Teams and Individual

THINK like a Champion

TRAIN like a Champion

BE a Champion

There are no short-cuts to Sports and Athletics Success – BUT – Mental Attitude is THE deciding factor that will determine whether you achieve your full potential – or not.


If your mind is against you – you will always feel as if you are trying to run up a down escalator. When you focus your mind and programme your subconscious for Success, you are far more likely to achieve it.


Sports Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is probably THE most efficient and effective way of helping you do that.

  • Intensify your focus and determination
  • Boost your self-discipline and motivation
  • Dissolve Psychological Limitations and Beliefs
  • Plus much, much more.


I will help you reach peak performance in record time, using little known techniques based on over 25 years experience.


If you want to get the edge over your competitors, or feel you have lost your form and need to get it back – call today.

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Andrew Parr
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